Weight Limits

Avalanche has a towing capacity of 8,300 pounds.  Deasler indicates trailer weight is 2,500 pounds.  Weight can be trimmed by eliminating every other bed board.  20′ 2×6″ boards weigh around 45 pounds.  Boards can be recycled in tiny house structure.

Assuming trailer weighs 2,300 pounds after board removal, that leaves no more than 6,000 pounds for structure.  Fat trimming ideas for structure include:

  • Shrink floor height to 4″.
  • Use cedar siding on exterior.
  • Make weight a priority in selecting windows and doors.
  • Use flooring material with less wood density.
  • Use deck flooring material with less wood density – cedar decking?
  • Use 2x4s when feasible for rafters, deck joists, and cross ties.
  • Use steel roofing.
  • Use 1/4″ pine as an interior wall material.
  • Design cabinets to minimize weight.
  • Cut electrical capacity to minimize battery weight.
  • Avoid use of ceramic tile and granite in bath and on countertop.
  • Avoid heavy appliances.

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