Mechanical Design

This series of menu items will organize a series of posts that discuss the design of the mechanical systems fof FarinHaus.  Categories in this section include:

  • Electrical Design – Focuses on the design of the electrical systems for FarinHaus.  Issues in the design are electrical source like borrowed power and solar, circuits, electrical draw, electrical components, routing of wires and other related issues.  This series of posts shares the thought process behind the electrical design.
  • Plumbing Design – Focuses on the design of plumbing systems including fresh water supply, disposal of black and grey water, and appliances like toilets, sinks, showers, and water heating.  In addition it will discuss storage of propane and routing of gas lines   This series of posts will lay out the thought process behind the plumbing system design.
  • Heating and Ventilating Design – FarinHaus does not anticipate the use of air conditioning due to the current draw requirements.  It does anticipate the use of a heating system.  Without air conditioning, ventilation becomes and issue.  This series of posts will diacuss the design decisions in creating the heating and ventilating system.