Height Limits

Wisconsin Law sets a maximum heitht of a trailer of 13’6″ without a special permit.  We want TinyHouse to live within that limit.  This is a diagram of the vertical components of FarinHaus.

In this drawing, height is limited to 160″ allowing 2″ for roof sheating, roof, and roof seam.

Beginning at the bottom:

  • Deck is 24″ off the ground – Current assumption is floor will be built on top of the deck.
  • 2×6 joist floor sandwich is 6″ high.  Assumes aluminum flashing is used to seal the bottom of the sandwich.  Provides 5 1/2 inches of insulation.  Deflection of cantalevered load bearing wall is less of an issue.  Assuming stake pocket assembly can be adapted to provide deflection support, the joists in the floor sandwich could be reduced to 2×4″  Picks up 2″ of height, saves weight, costs 2″ of insulation.
  • Wall comes out to 81″ or 6’9″ under loft rafters and cross tie beams.  Could be 2″ higher if floor height is shrunk.
  • Rafters are 2×4″ with 2×4″ loft rafters and cross ties.  Vertical from top of wall is 51″.  Could be a bit less with bird beak cuts.  Might be able to use 6″ rafters with birds beak cuts and stay within 51″.  Note that loft is only 46″ high at peak, less if ties are used.  Question – how does ladder fit in with design?

This height limit can be dealt with as long as:

  • Trailer height estimate is correct.
  • Ladder can be worked out.
  • We don’t need to significantly oversize framing material.

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