The purpose of this blog is to document construction of FarinHaus, a tiny house mounted on a 8′x40′ trailer.  In this blog, we will document the design of our own tiny house. 

This blog was created about two weeks after we began investigating tiny houses.  We had condsidered purching a lightweight travel trailer we could pull behind a MINI Cooper.  Yes, that is possible.  In fact, the hitch is sitting on my office patiently waitong to be installed on my 2005 MINI.  In the process of researching available trailers we stumbled across our first tiny house.  We both got excited about the concept.

In addition to our two MINIs, we also own a 2006 Chevy Avalanche, a vehicle with a maximum tow rating of 8,300 pounds.  That will be our tow vehicle for our tiny house on wheels, assuming we can keep the weight down.  See the section on Tradeoffs under Plans for details.

We’re still negotiating design and features.  We’ll post entries as that discussion evolves.  We’ll reveal any mistakes we made along the way and discuss how thery were resolved.  Our time line is to have FarinHaus completed by mid summer 2013.  Meanwhile we’ll be looking for a piece of recreational land within short driving distance of our home in Madison, WI.  It is cool to begin construction on a home before the place it is to rest has been selected.

We hope you enjoy our blog.