Tom’s Initial FarinHaus Goals

Here are my FarinHaus goals:

  • Enjoy the process of building a tiny house.  Set a deadline of having it usable by fall 2013.  Don’t turn construction into a ‘death march’.
  • Share what we’ve learned with others through this blog.
  • Purchase a piece of recreational property that is close to a river suitable for kayaking that is no more than a 90 mile ride from our home.
  • Place FarinHaus on the piece of land as a semi-permanent structure.  Move it back home in the fall/winter.
  • Design it so it can be used for off-grid dry camping, with a minimal carbon footprint.
  • Minimize electrical draw so solar and battery storage can be used to meet all electrical needs.
  • Use propane for cook top, refrigerator, water heater and furnace.
  • Make it available to the kids and grandkids when they are inclined to use it.
  • Incorporate an esthetically pleasing design based on the arts and crafts movement.
  • Design it so water collection systems can be used to collect water.  Grey water output can be used in watering plants.  Eliminate black water output with a composting toilet.
  • Plants should be those requiring minimal maintenance – fruit trees, berry bearing bushes, etc.
  • Design it so the total package is within the towing capacity of the Avalanche so a specialized towing vehicle does not need to be purchased.
  • Design it so it makes extremely efficient use of space.
  • KISS – Avoid complexity so construction is well within our capabilities.
  • Use recycled or surplus materials when it makes sense to do so.  Possibilities are exterior siding, roof cover, finish flooring, surplus materials at the Farin house, cabinets, interior siding, etc.
  • Incorporate at least one unique architectural feature in the design.
  • Minimize weight while maintaining a structurally sound design, capable of handling the Wisconsin environment including snow loads, hot humid summer days, etc.

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